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Houston's First Deaf Church

Everyone Belongs

Houston's First Deaf Church is a place where Deaf/HOH individuals and families can come and be free from the day to day life of living in a hearing society where they are marginalized more often than not. A place where their language and culture is cherished and valued and is the prime focus of worship and services. Worship services are voice interpreted for family members who do not know ASL. Our membership is made up of Deaf, HOH, codas, hearing and of various backgrounds. All members are encouraged to learn ASL and to learn about the rich culture of the Deaf. It should be understood that Deaf Christians do not have the same freedom to attend ANY church they want to, unlike hearing Christians. That being the case, services and activities are geared towards the Deaf and HOH communities. All are welcome to come and worship the God who created all things, and all people for His own good pleasure. To come and experience the love of Christ, the Lord and Savior, God the Son.

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About Us: Welcome

HFDC Staff

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Joshua Bruffey


Rose Ingram


John Holland


About Us: Leadership

What We Believe

Trinity, Inspired Word of God, Jesus is Savior and Lord

We are in agreement with the Southern Baptist Faith and Message Statement which you can view in full here:

About Us: Our Values
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